Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bhajans & Utsav

Aradhana Programme

HH Sri Namadevanda Bharathi Swamiji gave discourse on Sri Brahmachaithanya Maharaj's Pravachan, every day.

What can be gained by going to Naimisharanya unless self-control has been ingrained in oneself

A person was an important officer in the railways. He was in sound health, and liked to travel. He had seen most of the interesting religious places in India. It occurred to him that just like Shri Maharaj, who had visited Naimisharanya two times, he might also once see it. He was in the habit of having morning tea in bed. If it was not served on time, he used to get angry with his wife. He met Shri Maharaj and said, "Please give me guidance about going to Naimisharanya". Shri Maharaj said to him, "your idea is indeed a good one. But there is not much habitation in Naimisharanya, nor many comforts. You need your morning tea in bed and lose your temper if you do not get it. So first let us make an attempt to get rid of this habit. We will decide upon the plan of visiting Naimisharanya after this is successful. For it is difficult to get a square meal in Naimisharanya, let alone getting bed tea."