Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Daughter is Praised, While the Daughter-in-law is criticised, for the same action

An educated, elderly lady visited Shri Maharaj. Both her son and her daughter had been married in the preceding season. En quiring after the family, Shri Maharaj asked, "Does your daughter-in-law behave well?" The lady replied,"All is well except that because her parents live in the same town, she visits them rather too often." Shri Maharaj tactfully asked, "your daughter also lives in the town. How is she doing?" The woman quickly answered, "She is very happy. She does not fail to visit me every other day." Shri Maharaj said to her, "Madam, your daughter visits your house every other day. Please consider how her mother-in-law must be feeling about it. It is not proper that you do not blame your daughter for what she does, but you find it wrong that your daughter-in-law does the same thing. So bring your daughter's fault to her notice first, and later tactfully convey the same thing to your daughter-in-law."