Saturday, July 10, 2010


One should ask Rama only for contentedness; That includes Everything.
A woman practising as a Sadhaka once came to see ShriMaharaj. ShriMaharaj said to her, "We make all this fuss so that God may be propitiated. Suppose He is pleased, and he stipulates that you ask of Him in only two words whatever you want, what will be your plea?" She said, "My plea will be, 'Bestow love for Your Nama'." ShriMaharaj said, "But these are five words; the stipulation is that the plea should be in only two words." The woman was nonplussed. ShriMaharaj smiled and said, "The plea should only say, 'Bestow contentedness'. One does not obtain contentedness without having obtained love for Nama, awareness of God, total surren­der, the experience of God. Therefore, when contented-ness is asked for, He can bestow it only after bestowing all these things."