Monday, July 19, 2010


One should conduct worldly affairs, but the real urge ought to be for God
To worldly - minded persons, ShriMaharaj used to say, 'Conduct worldly affairs mindfully.' A woman asked, 'If one conducts worldly affairs mindfully, how can the mmd dwell upon God ? And if one wants the mind to dwell upon God, how can one conduct worldly affairs mindfully?' ShriMaharaj said, "The pre-eminence of human life is in­herent in the human mind. There is such a great capacity in the human mind that it can simultaneously perform a number of tasks without error and with equal attentive-ness. In a village, the source of water may be at some distance. Daughters-in-law from different households go there to fetch water. Each has at least two or three ves­sels of different sizes, to fill and carry back. These girls fill the vessels at the stream, pile them up on the head one on top of the other, and begin to walk home. The path is often thorny. The girls have part of the mind fixed on balancing the vessels, a second part is directed towards avoiding the pebbles and thorns on the path, a third one is occupied in discussing the mother-in-law's foibles and talking freely amongst friends, and a fourth is involved with the baby sleeping in the cradle at home. All these four things are being done with the same degree of rapt-ness. Then they set about cooking for the morning. The cooking continues, but simultaneously an equal attention revolves around the baby in the cradle. Doing this does not in any way spoil the cooking. Just as this is feasible, so also one can engage the mind in worldly affairs, and also raptly dwell upon God. Then not only the business of life will get done, but also attainment of God will be ac­complished side by side, with ease."