Sunday, August 1, 2010


A considerable number of persons used to assemble at Gondavale now and again for one celebration or another. Just as there used to be many good persons amongst them, there also used to be persons who were not morally so good. Because of this reason, when the celebration ended some things from the temple used to be found missing. Those who had to look after the upkeep of the temple used to feel sad about this. After one such celebration this matter came to be mentioned to ShriMaharaj. He said to those who took care of the place, "When a daugh­ter is visiting the home of her parents after a long inter­val, she behaves in an unreserved manner. She is allowed to handle any of her mother's belongings. If there is a new sari and she insists on first wearing it, the mother gladly agrees to it. In doing so there is only one intention in her mind, and that is that whatever few days she will spend at her maternal home may be spent in happiness. The mother takes all care to see that the daughter's heart is in no way displeased. When she returns to her husband's home she takes with her a few things like pick­les and ready spices, with her mother's permission, more or less as her right. The mother gladly gives her permission to take these things with her so that she may not                                                               have to go to the trouble of preparing them when she returns to her husband's home. I too feel likewise about the things which disappear from here. You feel sad be­cause you do not know who has taken them; but why should someone who knows who has taken them be sad ? I never feel sad about it. But the same rule is not appli cable in the case of those who stay here to serve. They are like my daughters - in - law. It is improper if a daughtn in - law takes the same liberty as that taken by a daughter. Therefore, those who stay here must be extremely careful. When it is time for the mother of the house to depart from this world, because the daughter-in-law  belongs to the family, she calls her near, and saying, 'From now on you are the mistress of the house', she hands over to her the complete control of the house. What this means is that the daughter-in-law becomes the mistress of whatever the mother of the house owns. If you feel that the-ownership of whatever I have should fall to you, you will have to act like a daughter-in-law. One has to decide for oneself whether one wants to be the daughter or the daughter-in-law."