Saturday, August 14, 2010


Love for Nama will arise only by the practice of chanting Nama
A person practising chanting of nama for attainment of God asked ShriMaharaj, 'If one were to whet an infant's palate with a drop of tea, it rejects milk, for it develops a fondness for tea. Why do you not make us fond of nama in a like way ?' ShriMaharaj said, "This is a very perti­nent question. But as the example you have cited is from the physical world it is not really applicable to nama. A gentleman had two daughters. There was much differnce between their ages. After the elder one was married, she came to her parents' home for delivering her first child. She was blessed with a fine boy. Her younger sister looked sullen. When the father asked the reason, she said, 'You gave a baby to my sister, but not to me.' What will the father say to this ? Likewise, let your growth within take place by the practice of nama. When you mature from within, I will be able to whet your taste for nama."