Saturday, September 11, 2010


A disciple of ShriMaharaj lived at a place not far from Bombay. He invited ShriMaharaj to attend the thread ceremony of his son and ShriMaharaj agreed to be present. The grandmother of the son lived in Pune, The father went there to invite her. At that juncture the grandmother was seriously ill, suffering from asthma. The doctor defi­nitely declared that she would survive for barely eight or ten days. Hence deciding to postpone the thread ceremony,the father returned to inform ShriMaharaj ac­cordingly. On hearing the entire story, ShriMaharaj said, 'Why is the doctor in a hurry to dispatch the grandmother? Who can confidently say that a particular person will die at a particular time ? He alone, who has the power to postpone death, should such a situation arise, may de­clare thus. Where is the guarantee for the doctor about his own self being alive even tomorrow ? So his prediction is not very reliable. Do perform the thread ceremony on the day fixed.' The celebration accordingly came to be concluded satisfactorily.The grand mother left for her heavenly abode nine months later.