Monday, September 27, 2010


A learned professor came to see ShriMaharaj and said, "You are a mystic with miraculous powers. You should frequently perform miracles to convert people to spiritu­alism." Upon this ShriMaharaj said, "Who told you that I am a mystic with miraculous powers ? By Rama's grace, I possess the art of chanting nama and making contented-ness endure. I teach it to people. If you so wish I will teach it to you, too. Now let us assume that mystics do perform miracles. They have the ability to bring about a transformation in the quality of the minds of persons go­ing to them; because of which many persons are attracted to attainment of God; and this is their enduring miracle. In attainment of God, performing of any other miracles is an accomplishment of a very lowly kind, as trivial as a common magician's performance. Miracles by saints 'oc­cur', but are not 'performed' on purpose. You have passed the highest examination, Ph. D.; how would you feel if asked to sit for the matriculation examination now? A saint would feel similarly if asked to 'perform' a miracle. Remember that faith established by a miracle can be eas­ily dislodged by another miracle, while faith born of genu­ine trust is ever-lasting