Monday, October 4, 2010


Tatyasaheb Ketkar once narrated a reminiscence. Around 1912, while he was at Gondavale, Shri Maharaj gave him a rupee coin, saying, 'Keep this with you, and give it to me when I ask for it.' As Tatyasaheb's sense of obedience to the guru was absolute, his interpretation was that 'when I ask for it' meant that he should be able to produce it at any given moment. So he used always to keep it on his person. He used to mind it when changing clothes or when dressing after a bath. At night he used often to feel it with his hand lest it might unknowingly get dropped. Later, when ShriMaharaj suddenly once asked for it, Tatyasaheb immediately produced it.
Recounting this reminiscence, Tatyasaheb said, "It was a very minor matter, but as a result I had a constant memory of ShriMaharaj during that period; a continual awareness of him was thereby maintained. Even now any­one can maintain awareness in a similar manner. For example, if one makes it a habit to set aside, say, one per cent of one's income for offering to the guru, then, when­ever one receives such income, every day or every month according to one's profession, awareness of the sadguru will be re-awakened. But, one should not let a feeling arise that one is helping the sadguru in this way, for as he is literally the master of all creation, what can he want from any one? That one should remain aware of him, and that one's fondness for money should steadily decrease, is the true aim. One should not let conceit take root that one has earned the money by one's efforts and smartness; one should nurture a feeling that all this is his beneficence. Also, one should not harbour a fear that there might be a shortfall for meeting one's domestic needs because of this gifting. How can it happen that one will fall short for running one's household when it is a law of nature created by God, 'Sow one grain and reap a thousand' ? However, one should be practical in this matter." After saying this Tatyasaheb said, "Experience has been that faith in and love for the sadguru go on increasing, and fondness for money and the fear of falling short go on decreasing, by chanting of nama."
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