Saturday, October 9, 2010


While talking about death- at- will, ShriMaharaj said, "One who says that he will abandon his body only when he wills, disregarding the natural order, is not an ichchhamarani. * Only a person who has merged his will with God's should be called ichchhamarani. Whenever God sends for him, looking upon that as also his own wish, he gladly abandons the body. In truth, he has com­pletely parted from his body at the very moment his con­sciousness of his body has completely vanished. This is exactly what TukaramMaharaj describes in the line 'With mine own eyes have I seen my death.' When conscious­ness of one's body has disappeared, he is left with no attachment for the body. That is, he becomes an Ichchhamarani. This is accomplished by nama."
*Ichchhamarani - One who can die only when he wills it.