Saturday, October 16, 2010


Retired Postmaster Balwantrao Pathak once raised a query, 'How could the food served at a shraaddha (anni­versary of death) be reaching one's deceased relatives ?' ShriMaharaj replied, "Balwantrao, at least you should not have this doubt. Someone comes to you to send a money order for a hundred rupees. You do not transmit his hundred rupee note to the other end. But does not the amount of one hundred rupees reach the proper person?. Similarly, if a man gratifies someone by serving him food, with the departed person in mind, and with a sincere conviction, then what is the objection to presuming that that departed soul is gratified ? Shraddha is to be per­formed with sincerity. He who is so disposed, will certainly find gratification in shraaddha."