Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There is no doubt that morality and religiousness are regressing in Society. How should one who practises chant­ing of nama act during such times ? In course of telling about this, ShriMaharaj said, "What times are trying times? The times when it becomes difficult for a moral person to act morally should be considered trying times. Such times existed at the time of Ravana. Such times ex­isted at the time of Samartha. This is undeniable, but even then there existed Vibhishana in Ravana's kingdom.
Maruti went to Lanka to look for Sita. In almost every house he noticed a riot of sensuality. But while he was moving around, he suddenly heard the nama of Rama being chanted. That was Vibhishana's house. When he happened to meet Vibhishana, the latter  told him that he continued living under those circumstances sustained by nama of Rama. The same maxim applies to us. If we adhere to chanting of nama the bad external situation will not hurt us."
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