Sunday, November 7, 2010


A gentleman of advanced age had become bedridden from paralysis. He used to feel bad that he had become entirely dependent on others. When ShriMaharaj went to meet him, he said, 'Maharaj, long life is really a curse.' Upon this ShriMaharaj said, "In a way, being born is it­self a curse; but it is also a boon. If one spends life forget­ful of God, being born becomes a curse. If one spends life in remembrance of God, being born becomes a boon. In remembrance of God one forgets sorrow. For that remem­brance to endure there is no means like nama. So if you practise remaining absorbed in nama, the physical suf­fering will surely diminish, and the illness too will lessen.' He listened to ShriMaharaj's advice and his illness less­ened a great deal. Later he died of a heart - attack.