Saturday, December 11, 2010


"In lives of many saints, we come across instances of their having brought dead bodies back to life; but you say. that saints do not interfere with the rules of destiny. Where is the consistency in this ?" When someone asked this ques­tion, ShriMaharaj replied, "It is of course true that saints do not interfere with the set progression of destiny. But one sees in everyday life that when an employee is in need, the employer gives him an advance from future earnings; a loan can also be given from the provident fund; one can also obtain a loan on term deposits. Similarly, under cer­tain special circumstances saints give as an advance a part of one's life in the next birth. They make use of this spe­cial power only if they see that that soul's spiritual well -being will be advanced only if this is done at that particu­lar time, not otherwise. Such situations arise rarely, and therefore such incidents are also rare."
"Yet, despite the task of turning a soul towards God by draining out the poison of his love of worldly things being more difficult than that of raising a dead body, the saints are tenaciously and incessantly engaged in it."