Monday, January 30, 2012

Satsang at Manchappana halli. (29-01-2012)

Satsang at Manchappanahally

Manchappanahally is an ancestral place of Sri B.C. Prasad, from his mother's side. There is a small temple of Sri Muneeshwar built by his father Sri B.S. Ramasheshaiah about 78 years back. A satsang was arranged there by Sri B.C.Prasad and family. A large number of devotees from Chintamani, Bangalore and other places had gathered , and spent divine moments.The presence of the Divine Padukas of Sri Maharaj, from Chintamani had created a spiritual atmosphere.
 A few pictures...

Sri Raghunatha Reddy gave a lecture explaining Sri Maharaj's Pravachan of 29-1-2012

On the way back to Chintamani, devotees visited Sri Datta Mandir (Sri Rama Dasaashrama) in Dodda Gubbi.