Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sri Guru Pournami lecture in English

Shree Guru-Pournima – 1

In the name of God I solemnly affirm that I always feel that everyone is activated by Rama, even the one approaching to me for initiation. The disciple may be inferior, deficient, humble, ignorant, and yet I have looked upon him as no less than Rama. I see no one as evil-minded.
I prefer little children and retired persons because both have no inhibitions. I have respect for the learned, but little love or preference for them; I respect the Goddess of learning, Saraswati, that inspires them. I have scant regard for the rich, because they tend to lean on the strength of wealth and to connive at God. Simple-minded, little-learned people are dearer to me than pedants. I prefer village life to urban life. I have stated my preferences, but these may vary from person to person. If you ask a person to set his eye aside before coming to see you, he can not comply. Similarly, I simply cannot exist in the absence of nama. Wherever nama exists, I am there. If there is anything to learn from me, it is to give up worry, in the faith that God is the sole doer. To young boys and girls, my exhortation is that they should obey parents and elders, learn to be sincere in whatever they do, never swerve from honesty and integrity, and never lose sight of God. Good, disciplined conduct in young age will make a really responsible unit of society in due course.
I know what goes on in the innermost thoughts of a visitor. I listen to everything with your ears. When anyone of you feels depressed, I feel disturbed; then I search for and discover source. I sincerely feel sorry when anyone of my people worries; everyone who calls himself mine should have unquestioning trust in me. I say as a matter of personal experience that if you conduct yourself in life with trust in God, you will lose nothing. Resolve to follow my guidance, and leave all care and worry to me. When I assure you that I am by your side, I do not mean that I am there in physical form; it means that God Himself is with you. Be sure that I am doing everything needed by you. On your part do what you can, but never pine for anything. Why not believe that I reside in your heart and prompt you in your thought and action? You should have firm faith that whatever you do is by my will, by me. I never feel despondent about anybody, for anyone born as a human being is bound to attain to God one day or another.
* * * * *

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-July.9

Resolve to Repeat Nama Continuously

Whatever is perceptible to the senses perishes sooner or later. It can never be independent; it is always subject to control by God, and so we should understand that everything that happens is purely by divine dispensation. Our body is also perceptible, and is animated by God; we should therefore maintain constant awareness of Him. It is, by nama-smarana that this can be achieved. So you should resolve to live in nama. If the mind devotes itself to nama, one finds no difficulty in leaving the body to the vicissitudes that prarabdha may bring, without being affected by either pleasure or pain. Even saints cannot escape prarabdha, but they face it with equanimity because they have freed themselves from the 'body-am-I' feeling.
Go about your worldly business, but never lose sight of nama. Whatever may come as the result of your effort should be accepted cheerfully as divine dispensation. We are men of the world, after all, so we should never spare putting in appropriate effort, but never be carried away by it and forsake nama. Righteous behaviour is a sine qua non for spiritual uplift.
Do not follow any Tom, Dick, or Harry, or any person who may be a hypocrite, nor stray from the righteous path. Trust only in a genuine saint, keep nama ever on the lips, and go through prapancha with due regard to righteousness. I assure you that one who conducts himself thus will be blessed by Rama.
It is a pity that most people profess devotion with an eye on some mundane objective. Few, indeed, want God for His own sake.
Who is a good doctor? One who cures a sickness which has been given up by others as incurable. Similarly, a genuine saint is one who rescues persons who are steeped in passion. To such a saint one has only to go in utter surrender.
Prapancha today is about the same as it was in bygone times; the most significant difference, however, is that most people then were devout and god-fearing, whereas today they are less broad-minded, more self-centred, less helpful to each other, less self-sacrificing.
Resolve to do what I ask you to do, no more, no less, and say 'good-bye' to all worry in life, for I undertake all responsibility for you.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-July.9

Sri GuruPoornami Day Pravchan

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-July.9