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Sri Brahmananda Maharaj's letter explaining Manasa Pooja

                                 Sri Rama Samartha
Sri  Sadguru Brahmananda Maharaja’s Divine Message on Manasa pooja.
                              Sri Rama Samartha
                   Camp: Harda
                         Date: 22-3-1913
Salutations and Blessings of Sri Brahmananda  Ramadasi, Sri Rama samsthan, Beladadhi to Sri Rama Bhakta Parayana Sarva Bhakta Mandali.
Received your letter and noted the contents. As per the letter, eight lakhs twenty thousand Ram Jap was offered at the feet of Sri Samarth and conveyed the Dandavat Saashtanga Pranams of all of you.  Sri Samarth felt very happy. He blessed with his Poorna Ashirvad to all of you. Continue to do Ram-Jap like this. How much to write about the immense Mahima of Sri Samarth! How much ever we write can only be a very little.  We have heard sadhus like Ramadasa Swamy, Jnyanoba Maharaj, Purandara Das, Kanaka Das, Chidambara Deekshit took avathaar, uplifted many people, and performed Super human deeds. Now, Sri Samarth has taken re-birth. How can I describe His immense greatness! I am not talented enough. Every day, miracles are happening! One cannot understand His greatness unless one sees personally. He sowed the seed of Ram-naam all over the country.
You are now in Betegeri. Sri Samarth is 500 Haridaari (about 1500 miles) away in Harda. You are doing Sri Rama namasmarana. Is this by your own strength or by the Grace of Sri Samarth?  Like this, people from all over the country do Sri Rama namasmaran. There is no one who can uplift the mankind like Sri Samarth. His talk is sweeter than Amritha. On hearing his Niroopan, even a hard minded atheist will be tempted to do Sri Rama Namasmarana. His charisma is Divine. On seeing Him, everyone will know that He is God. He has no ordinary man-like behaviour. Dhairya, Kshama, Shaanthi, vichaara,Viveka, vairaagya, jnyaana all are fully abounding in Him. All of you have seen Him. Having taken darshan of Sri Maharaj, do namasmaran as per his advice and be blessed. During the time of death, when Yamadeva drags, father, mother, wife, children, relatives and friends, wealth, nobody can free from his clutches. None can guard, except Sri Ram-naam  Yama Deva  cannot come near one who is doing Rama namasmaran always. This is true . Do not think this as false .This has to be deliberated in a very subtle way. No one tells as much with concern.
There is one necessary action. Whoever may be and whatever his profession, he must be doing his job, but while going, while coming, while he sits, while he stands, while he lies down till he gets sleep, let him be chanting Sri Ram, Sri Ram. He should not sleep early in the night. Sit chanting “Sri Rama Sri Rama” for half an hour. Again, wake up two hours before Sun -rise, and after finishing morning ablutions, sit with concentration on a mat, Do manasa – pooja. Imagine a Mantap in your heart in which a gem clad Throne is placed.  Meditate on Sri Ram sitting on that throne. The dark skinned handsome person, with his body shining like Agase (flax) flower , dressed in peethamber, with crown, Ear-drops, Bhuja keerthi, and Sri Vatsa KousthubhaVanamaala in the neck, holds bow and arrow in the hand.
Seeta Devi is sitting on Sri Ramachandra’s lap. Lakshmana is standing behind holding an umbrella. Bharata and Shatrughna are standing fanning from left and right sides. Maruthi raja is standing in front folding his hands in humility, chanting Sri Rama Sri Rama; Vasishtaji, Naradaji and saints led by Sanaka are chanting Keertans. Meditating like this in mind, do pooja.
Anoint the God Sri Rama with perfumed oil. Bathe Him with the water from Bhageerathi (river) , wipe him with clean shining cloth. Dress him with Peetaambara. Anoint him with saffron scent and musk mixed akshatha. Put many types of flower garlands and tulasi garland. Put Kireeta, Kundala and other jewels. Decorate Seeta Devi with jewels and female decorations. After dhoopa, deepa , desirable eatables like Pancha bhaksha pakwaanna should be served in a golden plate to Sri Rama. Imagine that the God Ramachandra is eating. Then, wash  his hand, wipe it and put Tamboola in to his mouth. Do aarathi, chanting Jayadeva Jayadeva Jaya Seetha Rama… After doing Pradakshina, prostrate holding his feet firmly and pray “Sri Rama, Deena Dayaala, Protect me”. Imagine that God Sri Rama has put his assuring hand on your head. Getting up, look at the smiling face of the God Sri Rama. The mind should not wander that way or this way. Should be chanting Sri Rama Sri Rama, till day-break. After Sunrise, one should carry on  his professional duties. Women while doing their household chores should be chanting Rama Rama. Should not waste the time. You should always be doing Rama smarana. Life is transient. Nothing comes with us in death. Always be chanting Sri Rama Sri Rama Sri Rama Sri Rama.    Blessings.


Sri Sadguru Brahmachaitanya Aradhana Mahotsav-2017

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