Monday, September 14, 2009

Foreword to the PRAVACHANS by Prof.K.V.Belsare


Learned persons delivering discourses on spiritual matters are quite popular in Maharashtra. There are three types among them. The first type consists of liberated souls or persons who have attained self-realization; the second consists of seekers, studying the spiritual sciences on their path to attain self-realization and the third includes professionals in this field. Shri Maharaj belonged to the first type. These discourses have been delivered by Shri Maharaj for the benefit of those who were keen to lead a spiritually rich life, full of internal happiness and contentment, therein explaining what is a spiritually rich life and simple ways of attaining the same.
We take immediate care of our body if it suffers from any disease. In fact we are dwelling in this body. Our mind is closer to ourselves than the body. The mind usually suffers due to sorrow, worry, fear and temptation. As a result, we lose mental peace and happiness. In spite of this, we do not care for the health of our mind. Observing that we do not even try to find- a way for a healthy mental life, Shri Maharaj felt compassion. It is this compassion which gave birth to these discourses. Just as diseases damage the physical body, the human mind is devitalized by desires, anger, avarice, hatred, envy, worldly fame, selfishness, suspicion and perverse thinking and one becomes restless or perturbed. Shri Maharaj has explained through .these discourses in extremely simple language, how to purify our mind from these undesirable factors and make it healthy to lead a relaxed, peaceful and benevolent life. Externally medicines' and internally life-force are needed for the cure of body diseases. For the cure of diseases of the mind, a constant remembrance of God and a profound internal faith in God or sadguru are required.
The name of God stores in itself remembrance of Him. The confluence of name of God and faith in Him gives rise to devotion to God. Devotion means fondness for God and fondness means intense love. The intense love to God or sadguru is an elixir which is a storehouse of great energy. This elixir of intense love reaches the bottom of the mind and by destroying the layer of ignorance existing there, embraces the pure self. It removes all the obstacles on the path of God-realization. These discourses contain extremely clear and dependable guidelines for achieving that intense divine love.
Shri Maharaj used to say that in the heart of every human being is hidden a spot of mystic beauty, the lustre of which never withers, the flavour of which is never spoiled. With the help of God's name human being can reach it. The joy arising out of its vision gives divine light. The person then reaches the timeless stage. Death, ignorance, sorrow find no place in his life. There is no limitation or dependence for him. Shri Maharaj used to stress that everyone has a right to