Sunday, May 3, 2015

A request to devotees of Shri Maharaj

Sri Rama Samartha
Sri Brahmachaitanya Sri Rama Mandira Trust
N.R.Extension, Chintamani 563125.
Small block of Mandir
A request to the devotees of
Gondavalekar Sadguru Sri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj
Dear Gurubandhu,
You might be aware of Poojya Sri G.Venkannaiah who was blessed by Sadguru Brahmachaitanya Maharaj and was asked to propagate Ram naam. By Sri Maharaj’s Grace, the Chintamani mandir came in to being.  Since then, the propagation of Ram naam is being carried out by the Grace of Sri Maharaj. Devotees here are very much influenced by the preaching of Sri Maharaj and his chief disciple Sadguru Brahmanand Maharaj.
We have a great pleasure to intimate you that a decision has been made by the Grace of Sri Maharaj to do Naama Jap of 13 crores, as initiated by Sri Maharaj, on a single day.
As this involves thousands of devotees to participate, we request all the devotees of Sri Maharaj, where ever they are, to do Naama Jap on 2nd October 2015,9 (General Holiday) between 10a.m and 5 p.m. for about 5 hours, with necessary breaks. If possible, all the devotees of a particular locality may assemble at a center to carry on the Japanushthan.
Respected Trustees of Gondavalekar Sadguru Sri Brahmachaitanya Samsthan (Chaitanyopasana) and Parama poojya Sri Dattavadhoota Guruji of Hebballi have blessed for the success of this One day Thera Koti Taraka naama jap.
We request all the Mandirs and centres of Sri Maharaj’s devotees to arrange and conduct naama Jap Shibirs in their places on 2nd October 2015. We request you to register your centre’s name, the name of the person in charge, with mobile number. Each centre may have any number of participants. But, please maintain the list of the participants and send the lists to our Mandir address.
This big event can happen only with the  participation of you all.
Requesting the cooperation of all the devotees of Sri Maharaj.
Yours, in the service of Sri Maharaj
G.H.Venkatesh Murthy
President, Sri Brahmachaitanya Sri Rama Mandir Trust,Chintamani

For details please contact::9880060440, 9880218777, 9845017177