Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Verses of 'Manaache shloka' are unfailing, like Rama's arrow
There was a retired engineer who had diabetes. The ,„,„. of sugar in his blood had risen up. As a remedy for this, every Sunday and Thursday he used to take meals only after taking injections of insulin. He used to take the (injections himself. He met ShriMaharaj and told him about his ailment. Upon this ShriMaharaj said, 'The two hun­dred and five verses of Manache Shloka*  by Samartha Ramadasa are like two hundred and five injections for the mind. Hereafter, learn one shloka by heart at the time of taking each injection, and reflect upon it till the time for the next injection. Take up the next shloka at the time of the next injection. At the rate of two injec­tions per week, you will have learned one hundred and four shlokas in a year. When two years have passed thus, all the shlokas from Manache Shloka will have been as­similated. When your mind receives the injections in the form of the verses, the sugar in the form of love of worldly things will be automatically under control. This will be of great help in attaining God.'
* Manache Shloka _ { *M% *$fai )   a set of two hundred and five verses or stanzas written by Saint Ramadas in the form of advice to the