Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sri Maharaj was visiting Hubli. A businessman named Nanjundaya from Chintamani village came to meet him, and urged him to visit Chintamani. Upon which ShriMaharaj said, "I will most probably come, let me see how I can manage. You go ahead." At this he said, "I do not want your 'Krishna's word' that you will 'most prob­ably' come, I want a 'Rama's word.' " ShriMaharaj smiled and said, "Take it to be 'Rama's word'." Turning to the others gathered there, ShriMaharaj said, "What he has said is correct. Shri Krishna's life is full of God's playful doings. These doings are not understood even by eminent persons, they confound them. His ways, His words, are comprehended only by His devotees, they cannot be com­prehended by ordinary persons. So one should reflect upon them with admiration, but not emulate them. In contrast, Rama is maryadapurushottama,* and provides the ideal for the ordinary person. One obtains deliverance by emu­lating Him."