Sunday, September 12, 2010


On the first four occasions, pregnancy of one woman had ended in miscarriage. The fifth time, she was four months pregnant. She went to see ShriMaharaj to seek his blessings so that the delivery may take place nor­mally. ShriMaharaj said, 'Do not worry. What you wish is sure to happen. Visit Maruti every day and tell Him of your desire. Recite Ramaraksha every day and anoint yourself with the sacred ash from the temple every night before going to bed. Stop worrying. He is going to be very-fortunate.' The pregnancy progressed well and entered the eighth month. Acquaintances complimented her. Someone jocularly said that she was going to have a daughter. Upon which the lady said with confidence, "Maharaj has uttered the words that 'he' is going to be very fortunate. As such I am definitely going to get a son." Later she safely delivered a boy. When asked as to how he knew about it, ShriMaharaj said, When one can know which soul has transmigrated into the embryo, what is the difficulty in foretelling whether it will be a boy or a girl?'