Saturday, November 6, 2010


An educated lady had come to meet ShriMaharaj, who was then giving a discourse. In conformity with the sub­ject matter he said that one should practise worship of God in a concrete form. After the discourse wound up, the lady said to ShriMaharaj, 'The practice of worship of a concrete God is a misconception originating in ignorance. The abstract form being, the ultimate truth how can you advocate otherwise ?' Instead of answering the lady's ques­tion, ShriMaharaj enquired after her family. In the course of converations   the lady sadly said, 'My daughter has grown to marriageable age. But as she is always unwell, I am worried about her. ShriMaharaj promptly said, ;   'Madam, just tell me whether this worry is concrete.' The  lady immediately understood. Realizing that her under­standing of the concrete and the abstract was merely un­derstanding of the literal senses of these words, and real­izing that she was very much a part of the concrete world, she became silent.