Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sri Ramotsav& 100th birth-day of a Rama Bhaktha

100th Birth-day of Rama Bhaktha Poojya Sri B.S. Ramasheshaiah (1909 - 1996)was celebrated in a unique manner, here, at Chintamani Mandir.

Sri Ramasheshaih was a devotee who did Bhajans continuously for hours. He performed Ramadasi Bhiksha, every Thursday. He  used to start his Bhajans at 7-00 am and  with a Big Ramadasi Bag on his shoulder, went round the town collecting the food grains and coins put voluntarily by philanthropists in to his bag. The grains and coins thus collected were used for the up-keep of the Mandir. He did this with a total surrender and a strong dedication.

His Son, Sri B.C. Prasad, Chairman of Chaithanya Projects, a real estate developers and builders, with his children and a large number of relatives and friends went round the streets with Bhajans and did carry out Ramadasi Bhiksha, in memory of his father. It was highly emotional and devotional. The day long celebration was packed with programmes like lectures by Aralu Mallige Parthasarathy, Swami Namadevanada swamiji, and Bhajans by Vinay Bhagavathar and party.