Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My fond desire is that everyone should sincerely take to the practice of Namasmarana

There was a person who had lived long with Shri Maharaj. About a fortnight before casting off the mortal body, Shri Maharaj said to him, "Commonly the eldest son stays in the company of his father for a great deal of time. Other siblings often stay in distant places, and are in their father's company for a relatively shorter time. Because of the close association with his father, the eldest son is well aware of his likes and dislikes. In such a case, the eldest son has a duty to perform after the death of his father, that is, to further the prestige of the family, he should inform his younger siblings of their father's likes and dislikes and to behave accordingly. "Shri Maharaj further said, "One can not foretell when Death may strike. You are in the know of my likes and dislikes because of our close association. You should tell others about them. If one were to ask about my likings, then I have only one keen liking, and that is that everyone should sincerely observe Namasmarana, and never fail to remember Rama. Do freely tell everyone about this fondness of mine."