Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A newly - qualified doctor opened his dispensary in a poor locality. He soon became popular there. The number of patients swelled rapidly. Because of this he had to spend much of his time in the dispensary. He could find little undisturbed time for chanting of nama. Placing this diffi­culty before ShriMaharaj, the doctor said, 'refusing new patients hereafter seems to me to be the only solution. Upon this ShriMaharaj said, "Well, doctor, won't this be a departure from good practice ? When it becomes known everywhere that this doctor does not accept new patients, new patients will stop coming. Yet, because you will natu­rally not like your income to decline, your heart will wish that old patients should keep coming; that would almost mean that they should never get well. This is not good. I would say, let the patient be an old one or a new one, you should feel that he has come because of God's wishing so, and it is your duty to examine him and give him medica­tion; that it is service rendered unto God. If you remem­ber God and then examine the patient, you will be able to diagnose his disease quickly and correctly, and the cor­rect medication will occur to you. Do not think of money. Inform the patient of the charges but do not corner him.
If you act with a sense that you are treating the disease and not the patient, everyday dealings will be within lim­its of propriety, and the mind will not get stuck in greed. Besides, you will have the satisfaction of having done your duty while remaining honest to your profession."