Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uniqueness of Rama of Gondavale

Uniqueness of Rama of Gondavale - The very Desire To ask for Mundane favours Disappears.

   Shri Maharaj once enquired, " Have you paid a visit to Rama?".  Some said, "Yes" and some said, " We are going to go there". At Rama's remembrance, Shri Maharaaj was, for a moment, overcome by emotion, and said, " I wish that everyone, whenever he comes here, pays a visit to Rama. My Rama may grant you the mundane things you ask of Him, if your destiny is favourable; but rather, when you have visited Rama time and again, He will eradicate the very desire to ask for mundane things; that is His speciality. "Someone said, "But Rama is omnipresent; what is the special importance of Rama of this place?" Shri Maharaj turned to him, and began to en-quire about him. He narrated that he worked in a motor car garage at charging the batteries used in cars. The factory had a high voltage electrical supply; when the batteries wwere connected to it, they got charged in three to four hours. On hearing this, Shri Maharaj asked him, "Electricity is the same everywhere; then what is the objection to charging the batteries on the domestic supply instead of at the factory?. The man  replied, "The domestic supply voltage is very low; it will require at least eight days to charge a battery. The same job gets done in only four hours in the factory." Upon which Shri Maharaj said, "This is also what I was saying. Paying a visit to my Rama will be for you like a very quick charging of a battery: elsewhere it will take much longer. So each of you should pay a visit to my Rama every day."