Sunday, March 14, 2010

If one makes Rama the Master of One's business of life, the result can only be fulfillment of its Goal

If One makes Rama the Master of One’s Business of Life, The Result can only be Fulfillment of its Goal

In every business there is a ‘year –ending’, that is, the time for assessing one’s income and expenditure during the past year and determining whether one has made a profit or a loss. When this was mentioned to him, Shri Maharaj said,  “ One should set the day before one’s birthday as one’s personal year-ending. On the credit side, one should include what one has done in respect of observance of the practice of worship during the year, and how often one has remembered God. On the debit side should be noted one’s failure to remember God, and the enjoyment of the desires of the senses. Then, after determining the balance, one should decide whether one has made a profit or a loss.” A bank officer said, “In our case there may be very few entries on the credit side, and the debit side will be found overflowing! We will find that the entire business is running into a big loss. “Shri Maharaj said, “ In practice one some times finds that there is an attractive, remunerative business at  hand, but that it is making a low or very little profit because there is insufficient supply of capital.The bank officer replied, “Yes, and in such cases we supply capital to run the business, and by improving the profitability of that business, we ourselves also earn a income from the interest.” Shri Maharaj said, “Some persons possess capital but do not own a business in which to invest it. In such a case, are they not looking for someone who owns a business but lacks capital?” The bank officer replied, “When such persons come together as partners, the business  becomes profitable, and both prosper very well.” Then Shri Maharaj said, “Similarly, to ensure that there is a supply of capital, one should make Rama one’s partner. Then, because all capital belongs to Him, all ownership should be vested in Him. When this is done, whatever transactions one conducts will be in remembrance of Him. Then, the transactions which had to be included on the debit side because of failure to remember God, will all be included on the credit side. Besides, once one vests the ownership in God, the responsibility of seeing that one never incurs a loss naturally rests upon Him. By thus carrying on the business of life, in spite of remaining immersed in everyday dealings, one may spend a life in the best possible manner so as to experience fulfillment.”