Sunday, April 25, 2010

The guilty should be persuaded to good ways with love

The Guilty should be persuaded to Good ways with Love.

Once Shri Maharaj was performing ablutions in the village brook. Two thieves guarded by two policemen in front of them and two behind them, were passing by on their way to Dahiwadi for attendance at the court.
One of the policemen was a disciple of Shri Maharaj. He took permission of the leader and went to the brook to meet Shri Maharaj and pay his respects. Shri Maharaj asked him, "What assignment brings you hee?" He replied, "We are going to the court at Dahiwadi with two persons accused of stealing." Shri Maharaj said, "It  will soon be time for serving Rama's prasad. All of you can resume your journey after partaking it." When the police man put forth the difficulty that the accused could not partake of prasad because they were handcuffed, and that he did not have to authority to remove the handcuffs'. Shri Maharaj said, "Ask your leader's permission; if the handcuffs are removed for them to partake of prasad, I guarantee that the accused will not run away." The leader agreed to this, and all of them had a good meal. When it was time to leave, the accused came to Shri Maharaj to touch his feet in supplication.Shri Maharaj said to them, "If Rama is merciful this once, will you give up stealing?" Both of them agreed to do so.
Later, the trial took place and, given the benefit of doubt, both of the accused were acquitted. They returned to Gondavale and swore at the feet of Rama that they would not thence forth steal. Shri Maharaj instructed them in the practice of chanting Nama. When sending them away after some days, Shri Maharaj gave one of them one hundred rupees and told him to do the business of a shepherd; to the other he gave another one hundred rupees and told him to take up the business of poultry-keeping. Thereafter the lives of both of them turned to a good course.