Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Should Triumph over Death and anxiety byWorship of God.

. One Should Triumph  over Death and anxiety byWorship of God.

   Shri Maharaj always used to say that one should thing of God while engaged in conducting worldly affairs. So one person asked him, “Is it so very necessary to bring God in?
Will it matter if it is not done ?” To this ShriMaharaj said, "Sometimes I, too, feel that the awareness of God should not meddle in worldly affairs. I am fully willing to permit free, unfettered enjoyment of worldly pleasures. But I have a condition to prescribe; and that is that one should in no case worry, as one invariably does while conducting worldly aifairs. If you can conduct worldly affairs without worrying under any circumstances, I will fully agree to not worship­ping God." The questioner said, "Circumstances do not al­ways remain favourable in worldly affairs. Regardless of what one may say, anxiety arises whenever the circum­stances turn adverse." To this ShriMaharaj said, "This means that you are slaves to circumstances. It is not in your hands to stop adverse circumstances from developing. An extremely adverse circumstance is death. The fear of Death constantly daunts you. On taking up worship of God and sincerely continuing to chant Nama, Rama confers His grace on you. So Death begins to act like your slave. This is a very unique type of luxury. It is in order that all may have it that I have set up this entire business of mine."