Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book - Reading Session by Sri Y.G. Anantha Shastri

Sri Y.G. Anantha Shastri

A book-reading session, by Sri Y.G. Anantha shastri, is going on in the Mandir for the past three years, starting from 30th July 2007, every day, between 5-00p.m and 5-30 p.m.
Starting from Sri Maharaja Charitre, Books like Tulasidas' Ramacharitha Maanasa, Bhagavatha, and others were read. Now, Sri Anantha Shastri is reading Samartha Ramadas's Dasa Bodha, with commentrary by Poojya Baba K.V. Belsare and translated into Kannada by Poojya  Kulakarni..