Saturday, October 2, 2010


"What is the difference between the path of knowl­edge of God, followed by ShriShankaracharya, and the saints' path of love for God, or devotion ?" While answer­ing this question ShriMaharaj said, "Both ways lead to the same God. Which way to follow depends upon a sadhaka's preparation and disposition, A sharp memory is required, and the intellect needs to be subtle, for per­sons to follow this way. But the way of devotion is a way of love. Not every one has a subtle intellect, but everyone is capable of love. Worship can be practised when one switches one's love from worldly affairs to God. In love there is tenderness. Intellect is relatively stern, unbending. God can be attained speedily by the use of intellect; longer time is required by the practice of worship. But ordinary persons find the way of love convenient. Love for God is generated readily by namasmarana