Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love for God is what one Really ought to seek from Saints

Love for God is what one Really ought to seek from  Saints

Whenever Shri Brahmananda maharaj visited Gondavale, he used to bring along with him one or two cooks. They used to prepare a new delicacy every day as offering of Naivedya to Rama, and it was served generously to all during meals. Once they had prepared Raghavdas Laddoos fo Naivedya. In the afternoon, after the meals were over, the kitchen was tidied and closed. At about three O’clock Shri Maharaj was sitting before the idol of Rama. Some persons stood around. About this time, a woman went into the kitchen, gathered some seven or eight laddoos in the fold of her sari, and started to leave. She would have to pass in front of Shri Maharaj As she advanced, a woman from Shri Maharaj’s entourage smartly pulled the fold of the sari. The laddoos rolled on to the ground. The woman was greatly embarrassed. But all that Shri Maharaj said to her was “Please take away those laddoos. I would have gladly given them to you had you asked for them. Rama is in want of nothing. But do not do this again.” After the woman had picked up the laddoos and left, Shri Maharaj said to the company, “There is nothing to regret about the woman taking the laddoos, but I feel sad that no one comes forward to receive the love for God, which I am here to give.”