Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Poojya Shri G.S. Gokhale

                                              Shri Rama Samartha

Dear Reader,
Shri Brahmachaithanya Maharaj's Pravachans included in this blog are compiled by Poojya Shri G.S.Gokhale, originally in Marathi with a forward by Poojya Prof.K.V.Belsare. The Pravachans are translated to different languages including English and Kannada. The English translators are Shriuths V.C.Kelkar, N.S.Jamadagni, S.C.Marathe and V.T.Jumde. The Kannada version is made by Poojya Shri Dattavadhoota Maharaj. All the editions are published by trustees of  Chaithanyopasana, Gondavale.
My humble gratitude to all the above Poojya Purushas for making available these divine sayings of Shri Brahma chaithanya Maharaj to the devotees. With the only intention of making available to the internet browser, these divine Pravachans, they have been published here in this blog.
                                 Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram