Thursday, December 23, 2010


 Chant Ramanama, The Most Comprehensive Panacea

Many persons had gathered and just when ShriMaharaj stopped after having spoken with them, a gentleman reached there, and advancing quickly, he rested his head at ShriMaharaj's feet. Without giving him any opportu­nity to speak, ShriMaharaj began speaking himself. He said, "There was a doctor. Many patients used to visit him. There were in his cupboard bottles full of potions from which he used to dispense appropriate medicines. One day his own son fell ill; thereupon the doctor called him and placed on his palm a pinch of dried ginger powder, and said, "Swallow this." Likewise, I have so far told many things to many, but let me tell you in brief, 'Chant Ramanama. That contains, comprehends, everything to be done in human life, everything."