Monday, August 30, 2010


The marriage of the youngest daughter of an elderly, not-too-rich couple with love for Nama, had been delayed. In the meanwhile, there was a theft in their house, and ornaments were stolen. The lady was especially distressed. Upon their meeting Shri Maharaj, he said to the lady, 'What has happened is certainly distressing; it should in­deed not have happened. But tell me one thing; for what purpose had the ornaments been kept?' The lady said, 'They had been kept for our daughter to wear when she would be given away in marriage.' Upon this ShriMaharaj said, "Jf you get a better son-in-law in the absence of those Ornaments than the one you would have got if those ornaments were there, then this loss will have been am­ply compensated for. So wait and see what happens." As chance would have it, they got an excellent son-in-law later on. After some days ShriMaharaj happened to meet the parents. At that time ShriMaharaj said to them jocu­larly, "Just now there are only the two of you in the house ! These days, after marriage, a couple lives as two-some,And  goes for a while to a hill station for a honeymoon.You have such an opportunity now. But now you have to strive for everlasting joy rather than the short - lived joy of a  honeymoon; for which, both should set about chant­ing name vigorouusly and sincerely.'