Saturday, January 23, 2010

We face difficulties on all the thirty days of the month.

After receiving counsel about chanting of Nama from  Shri Maharaj, a young woman began practicing Namasmarana sincerely. She began to make good progress. However, she was in two minds about chanting of Nama during the three days of menstruation. She felt sorry that those three days were wasted, so far as chanting of Nama was concerned. She asked Shri Maharaj whether or not she ought to chant Nama in that condition.Shri Maharaj said,"Does not the act of breathing continue in that condition? If it does, then there is o objection to practicing Namasmarana. One needs ultimately to utter Nama with every breath. As it is necessary for one to breathe in order to live, it is vital for one for attaining God to utter Nama with every breath. Therefore, one should not discontinue Namasmarana in such a condition." Shri Maharaj added, "This difficulty is not related to the bodily function, but related to the mind. Therefore, although the body may not be in a clean condition, there is no objection to practicing Namasmarana for the well-being of the mind." Then, turning his eyes on an old person in the group, Shri Maharaj said, "This lady faces the difficulty that Namasmarana does not get practiced for three of the thirty days of the month. But we face the difficulty on all the thirty days of the month! Consider how fortunate this woman is, and make every effort to emulate her"

Shri Rama Mandir, Giravi.