Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A disciple of ShriMaharaj once said to him, "Maharaj, please continue to bestow your grace upon me." ShriMaharaj then said, "A.guru who has to be told to be­stow his grace is not eligible for the status of a guru. His grace remains ever bestowed. No interruption occurs in it; but in one's asking for grace, the intention is that one should not suffer sorrow, or that things should turn out as one wishes. It is true that there is no limit to the sadguru's powers. But it is not proper to ask that by his grace he should alter the the allotments in one's lot . Sadguru does not avoid the fruition of a disciple's lot, but he safeguards the contentedness of his mind while he is going through it. From a practical standpoint he arranges for medical treatment and help from people. Thereby consciousness of sufferings in one's lot is diminished. The period of suffering passes quickly. Sadguru's grace is noticeable in his arranging for the painful experiences to be borne at one's convenience. At times the sadguru may take upon himself to suffer the tribulations of one who has completely sur­rendered to him; but one cannot expect or dictate it ."