Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Only by chanting Nama  can one discharge one’s obligations to God.
One gentleman was very poor in his youth. Later he became highly successful in life. When he had once come to meet ShriMaharaj, he said, 'Maharaj, I know it is not merely ability by which I have prospered beyond all ex­pectations. There is no doubt that my present prosperity is due to grace of God. What can I now do that I may be discharged from His obligations?' Shri Maharaj was very pleased to hear this question, and said to him, "To be discharged in the true sense from the obligations of some­one is to give him something that he does not have. There is not much sense in giving him something which he al­ready has. As the ownership of everything one sees is basically God's, to give Him any of those things is like giving Him something that is already His own. There is only one thing that He does not have. And that is, that He cannot love Himself. When one loves Him sincerely, it is like giving Him something that He does not possess. To be able to love God sincerely, one should unreservedly surrender oneself to Him. To acquire such a surrendering attitude one must feel that one is a mere nobody. Such a feeling is aroused by namasmarana. So one should prac­tice chanting of Nama sincerely."