Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A sadhaka should observe the following ten maxims. He should bring his mind to bear upon the subtle differ­ence between the two things mentioned in each.
(1) One should be humble, but not servile.
(2) One should have self- regard, but not conceit.
(3) One be humorous but not sarcastic.
(4) One should be deferential but not acquiescent.
(5) One may love but not be attached and involved.
(6) One may be competitive but not rancorous.
(7) One should be frugal, but not miserly.
(8) One should be generous without being prodigal.
(9) One should be meticulous in one's actions but not rigid.
(10) One should have loyalty for one's religion but not be a fanatic.
There is an assurance from the sadguru that if one practises namasmarana uninterruptedly these virtues will automatically become a part of one's nature.