Sunday, August 29, 2010


He who does not obey his Parents is evidently undeserving of initiation
A youth who had done his M.A. met ShriMaharaj and requested him to impart Nama to him. ShriMaharaj said, 'You are well-educated. You should undergo initiation af­ter you have studied what it implies.' The youth said, 'I know all about it.1 ShriMaharaj asked him, 'Have you sought your parents' permission to receive initiation ?' He said that he did not think it was necessary to obtain any such permission. Upon which Shri Maharaj said, 'Sacred tenets enjoin that both mother and father be looked upon as akin to God. It is necessary to ask them about initiation beforehand. How is it possible that a son who does not obey his parents, will obey me ? In this situa­tion, what use is it to confer initiation ? So, first minister to your parents, and when you please them, then come to me for initiation with their permission and blessings.'