Thursday, August 5, 2010


Giving away of food sanctifies the hands, Going on a Pilgrimage sanctifies the Feet, Chanting of Nama sanctifies the Lips, and the Heart is sanctified by unreserved surrender toGod.
ShriMaharaj once said, "Futile it is to ask which deeds degrade and which ennoble one; he whom Rama blesses gains all."* Haripant, the school teacher, asked, "Maharaj, when does Rama confer His grace on someone?" ShriMaharaj said, "It is when the hands, the feet, the lips and the heart get sanctified that Rama confers His grace. The hands get sanctified by the giving away of food, the feet are sanctified by going on a pilgrimage, the lips get sanctified by the chanting of Nama, and the heart gets purified by surrender to God. Thereafter Rama cannot but confer His grace."

* A rendering of the Marathi: कैंचे पाप, कैंचे पुण्य,राम कृपा करील तो धन्य!

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Aug.5