Saturday, August 21, 2010


 Exertions made for the sake of those visiting Gondavale never go
In Vain
As the following of ShriMaharaj was large there al­ways used to be a large assemblage around him. Those rendering voluntary service at Gondavale were required to spend much effort in providing for them. Addressing them, ShriMaharaj once said, "Two travellers once set out on a night - long train journey for some work. Of  the two, one could barely get access to a compartment; as it was extremely crowded he had to travel standing the entire night. The season being sultry, off and on he would be overcome by suffocation. The other traveler had purchased a first class ticket, and traveled sleeping comfortably Both reached the destination in the morning, and went to the town for their respective assignments. The mission of the first traveler was accomplished far better  than expected, and the second one had to return empty-handed. Now which one can be said to have had a better journey ? Therefore, even if you are greatly burdened here, rest assured that the ultimate mission, which is, being graced by Rama, will be accomplished in a fine manner in your case."