Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kabir on Guru

Kabir's Teachings
tanslated by shri Lalchand Doohan 'Jigyasu'

गुरु को कीजै दंडवत, कॊटि-कॊटि परनाम ।
कीट न जानॆ भ्रुंग कॊ, गुरु कर लॆ आप समान ॥१॥
Prostrate yourself at the feet of Guru Maharaj and offer your salutations innumerable times. A Guru's greatness is infinite. Like an insect is unacquainted with a beetle, but a beetle, with its deftness, makes an insect look like itself, and fills the insect with its own qualities with its rhythmic sound, in the same manner, a Guru also, under the influence of his true knowledge, takes his dear disciple to his own heights.

गुरु गॊविन्द करि जानिये, रहिये शब्द समाय ।
मिलै तो दण्ड्वत बन्दगी, नहिं पल-पल ध्यान लगाय ॥
One should consider Guru and God one,because,indeed, both are one and the same. One should remain in the sphere of true knowledge imparted by the Guru. So, as soon as one comes across a Guru, one should prostrate himself at his feet and pay obeisance to him. And if it does not happen like that, one should keep remembering this Guru every moment; this will keep his thoughts sacred.

गुरु गॊविंद दॊउ ऎक है, दूजा सब आकार ।
आपा मॆटै हरि भजै, तब पावै दीदार ॥३॥
Guru and God are one and the same; the difference lies in the name only. A Guru may look different in appearance from outside, but from inside there is no difference. In the outside world everything is enveloped in the shroud of Maya. One may come in contact with a God-like Guru only by practising spirituality and casting aside one's ego.

गुरु गॊविंद दॊउ खडे, काकॆ लागूं पांय ।
बलिहारी गुरु आपनॆ, गॊविंद दियॊ बताय ॥४॥
If a Guru and God, both, are standing before someone, at whose feet should he fall first? Under this circumstance, one should bow down before the Guru only, because it is he who caused the great fortune of being face to face with God.