Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Commence practice of Worship in the faith that God Exists,and confirming experience will automatically follow

A sincere professor of logic met ShriMaharaj and said, 'I am a student of logic. I do not believe in anything un­less I am logically convinced about it. That is my resolve.' ShriMaharaj said, 'I am of a similar opinion. If God has blessed us with intelligence, we must make full use of it and we must not do anything with blind faith.' On hear­ing these words of ShriMaharaj, the professor said, 'I have eliminated blind faith from my life.' Upon which ShriMaharaj said, "But whatever you may propose, in practice, many a time one has to trust in something, and one has to act without a confirming experience.' The pro­fessor said, 'Please illustrate your statement.' ShriMaharaj said, "Your parents have the decisive experience to con­firm that you are their son. But what confirming experi­ence do you have that they, and not any other, are your parents ? In the absence of such an experience, do you not accept them on trust, nay, blind trust, to be your parents ? Suppose you have to go out of town and you are travelling by train at night, you buy an upper class ticket and go to sleep without any further ado. You travel com­fortably in trust, or blind trust, that the driver of the train will safely take you to your destination, without requiring a confirming experience beforehand. This means that you must place trust somewhere. So, begin worship in the trust that 'God exists', and experience will give the confirmation that 'God surely exists'. The main thing is that one who wants to express his opinion in public, should state firmly whatever he has experienced himself. Where one has not experienced it personally, one should hon­estly say, 'So and so has said so'. Thereby there will be no self- deception."