Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Satsang at Dodda nekkundi,near Marathhalli,Bangalore on 20-10-2013

A Satsang of Maharaj's devotees is arranged by Sri Sridhara Murthy and his brothers at Sri Sridhar Murthy's house in Dodda Nekkundi Village near Marathhally,Bangalore on 20-10-2013 (Sunday). Sri Maharaj's Padukas from Chintamani will Grace the ocassion. All the Maharaj's devotees are cordially invited to attend. The program starts at 10 a.m. The details can be got from Sri Narayana Murthy -Phone no.9449612724.
All the Sri Maharaj's Devotees are requsted to attend.

Satsang at Tiptur- and Arasikere on 16th Oct 2013

A satsang was arranged at  Sri Rama Mandir at Tiptur by Sri Maharaj.s Devotees. Sri Sadguru Padukas from Chintamani Graced the function. Later on, the Sadguru Padukas were taken to Sri Prabhakar.s house. Sri Prabhakar, an ardent devotee of Sri Maharaj, has a big Sri Maharaj.s idol in his house.
Later on, Chintamani devotees, with Sri Maharaj.s Padukas went to Sri B.N. Shantamma's house at Arasikere. A large number of Sri Maharaj's devotees of Arasikere were waiting to receive Sri Maharaj.

The devotees of Tiptur and Arasikere were invited to a Satsang at Malligere,Chikkanayakana halli Taluk, to be arranged on 17th November 2013, in memory of the ocassion when Sri Maharaj gave darshan to Sri G.Venkannaiah,for a fleeting moment,in November 1913, calling him to Gondavale. Malligere is the place, where Sri Maharaj Graced Sri Venkannaiah, for the first time, with his vision.The detail about how Sri Venkannaiah went to Gondavale and was initaiated by Sri Maharaj and was asked to construct a Rama Mandir and propagate Ram-nam, is told elsewhere in this blog..This is the cenennary year of that divine incidence.