Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One should carry out the work fallen to one's lot with sense of Duty, considering it to be "God's Wish"

A bank officer working in a senior position was, instead of being allotted work o his liking, assigned work of a different kind which was not to his liking. He therefore felt displeased and was dejected. While he was visiting Sri Maharaj in this state of mind, the latter said to him, "Let us suppose there is a dinner ceremony at our house to which, say, fifteen to twenty persons have been invited. On this occasion, suppose we are given the task of purchasing vegetables from the market. We then go to the market, and, as the total quantity of vegetables is rather large, we hire a porter to carry them. We then purchase vegetables and load them into the basket of the porter. We pay him when he delivers the goods at our house. Will it not be laughable if, while carrying the basket home, he were to question complainingly, "You shouldn't have purchased these particular vegetables in a large quantity.' Likewise, it is ridiculous to be displeased with your office work. Servitude of anyone other than Rama is merely respectable begging. In such a situation, rather than insist upon what one would, or would not, like to have, it one's duty to carry out whatever work is allotted, in the best manner possible, as though allotted by God's wish."