Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The Tumult of Thoughts and Fancies arising during Namasmarana is a sign of a 'Quit notice having reached the Six enemies of the Soul'
There was a well - to - do woman who practised chanting of Nama. She received a good monthly income from the rents for her property. She once asked ShriMaharaj, "When we perform a task relating to worldly affairs, our minds think about other things associated with that task. But when we set about chanting Nama,

the mind does not think about the things associated with Nama. A tumult of other thoughts unrelated with Nama arises in the mind. Chanting of Nama does not get genuine attention; it becomes merely a mechanical act. Consequently, Nama is not chanted with adequate zest, and one soon gets tired of it. Constant compulsion is generally needed to keep the mind occupied with Nama. What can be done in this situation ?" Upon this ShriMaharaj first praised her for her sincerity, and added, "He who practises Namasmarana is definitely fortunate. Not any Tom, Dick, and Harry will undertake the practice of Namasmarana. It is only he whose stock of past deeds is good and who has been accepted by the guru, whether in this birth or an earlier one, will under­take the practice of'Namasmarana. When one sets about chanting Nama, the six enemies of the soul * that tenant the body may be deemed to have received a 'quit' notice. These tenants realize that if this body sets about chanting Nama, they will have to vacate the premises sooner or later. You have been seeing how difficult it is in practice to evict a tenant who has a proper receipt for the rent. Even if the owner wants the premises for himself, on filing a suit, most often the verdict is in favour of the tenant. If this is one's experience in practice, then how is it possible that these six tenants, who hold rent -receipts given by us over several births, will meekly va­cate the premises ? When the notice reaches them, all the six tenants rise in mutiny to dissuade one from the chant­ing of Nama, so that they do not have to vacate the pre­mises. When one is performing the tasks relating to worldly affairs, they have no such fear, so they are quiet.
When all the six tenants get disturbed, naturally they raise a storm of protest. The remedy is that when a tu­mult of thoughts arises, one should treat it as a sign that all the six tenants have received the 'quit' notice, and are frightened at heart. With this realization our mind will gather courage. One should vigorously persist in chant­ing Nama. Later, in course of chanting Nama, the storm of thoughts naturally subsides, and the passions have to vacate the premises one day or another. As soon as they vacate the 'premises', God, Who is present just next to one'sSelf, becomes apparent. There is the realization of God within oneself, and one's task has been accomplished."
* ( Shadripoo y^Ky} : the six enemies of the soul, viz., lust, anger, covetousness, love or affection, pride, envy.