Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A sadhaka asked, 'Maharaj, why is so much impor­tance attached to companionship of the virtuous in at­tainment  of God ?' ShriMaharaj said, 'The mind is fickle, and it is very difficult for it to remain firm. God's grace plays an important part in it. So one should not associate with hypocritical persons and atheists. Because of them, resoluteness is shattered, and when that occurs, one can­not restrain oneself. It is possible only for the very ad­vanced to maintain one's stand even in bad company. A very minor cause can suffice for the shattering of reso­luteness, and that brings about one's ruin. That is why importance is attached to companionship of the virtuous. One should not let one's devotedness to nama  diminish even if Brahmadev (the Creator) himself were to descend to confront one.'