Sunday, October 31, 2010


Bapusaheb Sathaye's fondness for his son Rajabhau was boundless, for Rajabhau was an only child, a weak­ling, of a delicate constitution, from his childhood. Later, when ShriMaharaj went on a pilgrimage to Kashi, Bapusaheb was among the persons accompanying him. Baburao Gadre had also accompanied the party with his parents. After the pilgrimage to the three main holy places-Prayag, Gaya, Kashi - ShriMaharaj said to him, 'Baburao, your parents have now made their pilgrimage to Kashi, now let them return. But you should remain with us for the sake of Bapusaheb.' Accordingly Baburao stayed on, with the journeying party.
By stages the party arrived at Harda. During the stay there, one day Bapusaheb got stricken with cholera. Baburao diligently tended to him, but the illness went on worsening. Then, sitting by his side, ShriMaharaj said to Bapusaheb, 'Bapusaheb, on the whole the condition ap­pears serious. Should Rajabhau be sent for by a telegram?' But at this last moment, Bapusaheb's attachment for physical matters had been completely eradicated. He said, 'No, Maharaj, it is good that he is not here. If he happens to be before me, who knows, my soul may not find release because of attachment for him.'
After a short while Bapusaheb's life came peacefully to an end.